The bridge over Mandulog river in barangay Hinaplanon became the infamous Broken Bridge in Iligan City. At the height of typhoon Sendong's wrath it held logs that were washed away from the uplands diverting floodwaters that wreaked havoc to the communities along the riverbanks. The bridge then became a place of refuge. But the strong pressure of the logs and the water current was more than what the bridge could withstand that it eventually collapsed - sending farther the logs downstream to take their toll on more communities. Damages escalated with more houses, structures, livelihood and lives wiped out towards the open sea. Took these shots during an ocular visit to the bridge prior to the cultural memorial rite by Kalinga ng Sining artists. Visible in the shots were the makeshift shelters and the extent of devastation in the vicinity of the bridge. Used a roll previously exposed with neon signs. For me, the random fusion created punchy irony about the plight of the survivors trying to make do with what they have in order to live one day at a time - a critique on the inaction or slow action by the authorities.

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