i always wanted to do this and i finally did it!

I first shoot this as a redscale at ISO 100 and then correct side as ISO 400. I thougth the redscale should be first because then the colors would be in front of the redish pics i might try the other way soon, this the right side and then the redscale it would be easier. hope i like it as much as i do! XD


  1. sobetion
    sobetion ·

    Great Album and Great Technique

  2. itisanormalname
    itisanormalname ·

    brilliant album. just brilliant

  3. lazybuddha
    lazybuddha ·

    Great album.

  4. m_a_f_e
    m_a_f_e ·

    qué hermoso album qrro!!!

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