Shooting Horses - Album 3

I had a blast taking photos of the horses that a friend of mine is helping to look after at the Singapore Saddle Club. In case you’re wondering about the names of the horses, the grey horse is called Cheetah, the small chestnut pony in paddock is Little Red, the dark bay horse with 2 white legs is Blackjack and the dark bay horse with all dark brown legs is Puddles. All these horses were former race horses put to pasture. They are the lucky ones. These photos were taken using a Nikon F601 SLR with a Tokina 20-35mm wide angle lens.

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  1. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    These are great only thing is that the colors of the horses do not match your description like a grey horse hmmm these are red ha ha ha just kidding i saw the one with two back legs altho this one does have two white feet so but the only thing that matters is that they are amazing photos!

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