Finally have an IR filter. BKS blog for shooting IR was very helpful.


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  3. fairymarielle
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    love the atmosphere!!!

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  5. shoujoai
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    wow! :-O

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  7. kangiha
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    awesome shot, BTW which filter did you end up getting for this. I'm trying red and yellow and not getting what I want out of the IR. Cheers!

  8. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    (@kangiha) Yo thanks man! For these shots I used the Efke 820 and a filter I bought off of Ebay. I think it came from the UK for around 45-50 bucks. It's a square IR-780-A filter to work with Cokin "A" filter systems. Now this is way, way darker then the 720 filter actually made by Cokin and it's really thick. I think the person I bought it from; most likely makes these themselves. Any of my other IR stuff I shoot Rollei IR400 with the Cokin 007 (a 720) filter or some of these cheap ones by Neewer (off Amazon). I find the Rollei to be way more forgiving.

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