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Velvia NYC the Album

1. NYC Subway
2. Homeless man with mandolin / NY Islanders banners
3. Overexposed NYC
4. Nassau Coliseum - New York Islanders
5. New York Islanders score a goal!
6. NYC Subway
7. NYC Subway Multiple - Could shoot for years in NYC Subways!
8. Notice the train moving in the background
9. We are all Islanders
10. Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night - The Red Edition
11. Keith Harring @ MOMA
12. Keith Harring @ MOMA
13. Ed Keinholz @ MOMA
14. JAckson Pollock @ MOMA - The Red Edition
15. NYC Subway
16. NYC building multipe
17. Empire State Building - I hate their security guards
18. The split second before you are annihilated by an atomic bomb.
19. Dancing in front of waterfalls
20. Salt Water Fish Tank in the shape of pitcher
21. Indoor futuristic plants
22. Emily at the Guggenheim