Through the View Finder: TTVF

This is a technique that has a small but devoted following. I discovered this a few years ago before I got into the Lomo World. What you do is find an old broken box camera such as the Kodak Duaflex that I got on Ebay. The idea is to take a picture of what you see looking down through the glass viewfinder of the old camera. If you want to do this a lot it is advisable to build yourself a "Contraption" which can hold the old box camera in place and block flares and light leaks while you focus through your DSLR. The old dirty glass with the dust and fungus gives you distortion and a gritty old time look. I had never tried this with a film camera but I suddenly remembered that my Canon 7E would accept the 100mm Macro lens so I decided to give it a try. I used Redscale XR set at ISO 12 but still didn't get quite the tones that I wanted. For some reason the Canon never delivers the goods the way I want with Redscale XR...anyway, I was still pretty happy with these. Shot this morning in Turners Falls.

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