Greasborough Fishing

Took my Pentax ME Super, and a roll of the Lady Grey I got for Christmas out on a walk around Rawmarsh and Wentworth near Rotherham in South Yorkshire.

More photos for this walk can be found here… and here…


  1. keroro1979
    keroro1979 ·

    Is this Greasborough dam? I grew up round the corner from there :P

  2. jackpumpkinhead
    jackpumpkinhead ·

    @keroro1979 It certainly is! I grew up in Romish, looking at your tag, I'd say around the same time too.

  3. keroro1979
    keroro1979 ·

    We lived in Kimberworth Park til I was about 10/11, then we moved around different parts of Rotherham until I moved to Grimsby in 2001. Coming back for a couple of days at the weekend though, and now I have some film for my fisheye and Sardina, Im hoping to go to Clifton Park and possibly Roche Abbey or Conisborough Castle.

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