Getting super #dark in the graveyard. Figured out how to get light leaks with the Sprocket Rocket.


  1. bug
    bug ·

    This is awesome :)

  2. bendawes
    bendawes ·

    This is one of the best shots i've seen! nice work

  3. vjanssen
    vjanssen ·

    But can I ask how you got those leaks, I also have a sprocketrocket, but don't know how to get these.

  4. traaaart
    traaaart ·

    @vjanssen very simply actually. i noticed as i close the back of the sprocket rocket, if i push the right side in, then push the left side in without holding the right side, the right side pops back open very slightly. basically just barely not having the back of the camera completely shut.

  5. vjanssen
    vjanssen ·

    @traaaart thanks for your (littel) tipster! I am going to try it in a few days.

  6. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·


  7. carlota_nonnumquam
    carlota_nonnumquam ·

    Stunning! Great shot and it looks perfect with the light leaks!

  8. robertoragno
    robertoragno ·


  9. eusonfeliz
    eusonfeliz ·


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