My Grandmother's kitchen closet has a Dali Face

Collage work made with my Analog picture, a black paper and a sticker of a Butterfly.
Attached to my Article for the Clever Collages Rumble.

I was inspired by my grandma’s very old kitchen closet that has two symmetrical holes that look like two big eyes of a smiling face staring at you (before the invention of refrigerators it was useful to keep the air fresh inside!). I have sketched his famous mustaches on a black paper, cut it and glue it to the image. I added finally on the top a butterfly, an insect that is present in many of Dali’s paintings..The insects [ants , a fly, butterflies, cockroaches ] reveal Dali’s obsession for death, it is his artistic references to the decomposition of organisms therefore the final state of existence, a reminder that our body isn’t eternal. also an imitation of his sarcastic portrait with flowers and cherries hanged on his long mustaches!

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