Harman Titan

Linz - castle hill :)

100iso b&w delta harman ilford titan
Harman Titan
Ilford Delta
Ilford's Harman Titan 5x4 Pinhole Camera


  1. rocketttodd
    rocketttodd ·

    Do you know the exposure time for this one? I am 6 shots into "trial and error" phase of my harman titan ... no "real" results to show yet.

  2. angelhaken
    angelhaken ·

    @rocketttodd I think it was 30sec I used the supplied Ilford Delta 100 film. Did you use the Pinhole Exposure Calculator ? => www.ilfordphoto.com/download.asp?n=1296&f=2011106152612… and you might want to read the instructions :P www.ilfordphoto.com/download.asp?n=1302&f=2011111012583… There is some information on getting the right exposure. The Exposure time with iso 100 Film and f206 ( harman titan ) should be somewhere between 1sec and 15 min. The exposure calculator suggests 1sec - bright sun / 4 sec - lightly cloudy / 15 sec cloudy / 1-2 min heavy cloudy / 4min+ indoor daylight / 15min + indoor bulb . If you use the supplied paper the exposure time is longer as it is only ISO3 so 30 sec - 1 min in bright sun / 2 -4 min lightly cloudy / 10 - 15 min cloudy / 40min - 1 hour heavy cloudy / 2hr + indoor daylight / 8hr + indoor bulb. But that is only according to the Exposure calculator if you use the chart from mr-pinhole. Indoor -bulb would be 12 Hrs 2 Mins (which is not possible unless you are in a cellar :) ) www.mrpinhole.com/exposure.php?Fstop=206 . So i would guess your images are underexposed because you used paper and to less time ? . If you need any more help please feel free to write me a message :P .. happy shooting !!

  3. rocketttodd
    rocketttodd ·

    Sorry Im new to this lomo site ... so I left you a comment on your page instead of ... here.

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