Another Cheesy Photos

This is my old reunion photos. Ahh, girls always love to snap. Enjoy! ^^


  1. candy_1006
    candy_1006 ·

    The colour's nice!! What mode do you use when you're sitting indoor??? I always failed when I take instax photos indoor!!

  2. alizlovescherry
    alizlovescherry ·

    @candy_1006: thank you! ^^ I use dark mode, so I can get really darkened background and solid color at the foreground part where the flash usually being too bright.

  3. candy_1006
    candy_1006 ·

    When take instax photos in dark, the flash always makes my face turn white!! That's very bad><

  4. alizlovescherry
    alizlovescherry ·

    that's why I use the darkened mode.. Just try and find possibilities, I recently find the panoramic mode could be so much fun!

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