1. purepaty
    purepaty ·

    Bonito mini album, fantásticas cores e que rica festa que pra'qui havia :D

  2. sebastianerras
    sebastianerras ·

    Did you shoot this without or with a (orange/yellow/...) filter?
    I also just got a few rolls of film and I would be happy to have some more info on how to use that film.
    Could u share some of your experience?

  3. anafaro
    anafaro ·

    @sebastianerras, I used a red filter. But after reading a lot about it I don't think this is the problem. I contacted the guy selling this film, asking what could have gone wrong and he told me that he normally shoots it when the light is not so strong, whereas I did this shooting at 2pm. Furthermore, if you read a bit about infrared film they advise you to use a large aperture value, as the infrared light is not gonna be on focus on the same focal plane as the visible light (hence, using higher aperture values should ensure more to be on focus - including the infrared light). In my case I used f2.8. So, you see, I was doing a lot of things wrong... :) Next time wrong I would use a f11 value (or higher) and a yellow or orange filter. Hope this helps.

  4. anafaro
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