On the feast of San Clemente folks parade the streets of Angono in colorful attires together with some giant papier maches dressed in folk costumes. Local brass bands also participate in this festive and crowded occasion. With paraders and spectators ready to get wet from head to toes, the parade characterized with friendly dousing of water proceeds from the assembly at the parish church to the snake route around town towards the lake. This part which is basically a send off of a team to fish in the lake happens in the morning. By mid-afternoon, the parade happens in reverse with all the fresh fishes adorning the shoulder-bourne carriage of the image of the saint. People believe that the abundance of the catch indicates a bountiful catch for the entire year. Took these shots during the return parade wherein paraders were already wet and cold but still passionate to complete the folk ritual of thanksgiving until the return of the image of San Clemente to the church. Boiled the roll of film in sinigang broth or Filipino sour soup to see what character this kind of acidic solution can give my shots.