At the prime of his music career in the 80s Boy George was so brave to brake taboos packaging himself a transvestite rocker complete with fedora hat, thick make up like a geisha and usually in loose trench coat. He looked more a she than a he and sometimes more a he than a she - a look that was very transgressive at that time. Yet the eccentric Boy George gained worldwide fame as the lead vocalist of chart topping new Romantic British rock band The Culture Club. With hits like Do You Really Want To Hurt Me and Karma Chameleon, his androgynous persona and his band's brand of music combining new wave and soul catapulted him into international stardom.
In honor of my youthful memories of the 80s, I did these triples of Boy George against rainbow textures and street vignettes. And in sync with transgression, I tried to destroy my film by giving it a vinegar bath. Cheers to George! This is the first of two albums.

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