Occupy Wall Street !

Two weeks ago, I wanted to visit the lower Manhattan, a place I had never been before. A place that is very significant here in New York, it withholds America’s economical heart (and soul?): the financial district with the infamous Wall Street. I think this street is a bit overrated, all tourists like me must be disappointed. It is just a narrow passage between two buildings: the New York Stock Exchange and the other one I don’t remember. But you know, just another building filled with guys in suits, whose best friend is their Blackberry and who like to talk about numbers.

A few hundreds of meters/thousands of inches away, you can hear drums, music, people screaming. Yes you got it, the infamous Wall Street protests. I had heard of it in the newspapers, this movement started almost a week after I arrived in New york. So I thought it would be really interesting to take a look. Protests in France aren’t a big deal, they basically happen every once in a month. In the US, it is different: since the Vietnam warthere haven’t been that many bigger protests in the US, and with all my respect, americans are more famous for their patriotism than for their revolutionary aspirations.