First roll with my new LC-Wide and a few thoughts come to mind
1. Wtf happened here?
2. Why did I let drunk people use my camera?
3. I definately need a new scanner
4. I obviously hadn't figured out the 'double click' part
5. I remember again why I normally only use 200 or 400 ASA film
6. That was a good party
7. Thank god for censorship



  1. nike-liscaljet
    nike-liscaljet ·

    that is indeed reeeaally jellow, but I like it.
    I sometimes get pictures slightly miscolored (purple or dark blue) when the selected area in the scanner is somewhat larger then the negative, because it makes up for the dark space around the negative or even the neighboring negative, or something. Does that help you? Or did this happen to all your pics on the film? Or is it just your yellow flash filter hanging in front of your lens? ;)

  2. pinkpix
    pinkpix ·

    @nike-liscaljet As it turned out, it was my scanner. After this, it went okay for one roll, but then it scanned everything with a yellow hue. Calibrating didn't make any difference. Such a good excuse to buy a better one :)