Shooting Twice on The Other Side: The Random Double Reds Experiment - Part One

To shoot these ones, I used a 35mm Lomography Redscale film (ISO 100) on my Holga 120 N, with the FA135-120 adapter on it. When the film ended, I rewinded and reloaded it, making new photos and randomly mixing them with the first ones on the film. But, by the frame 7, or 8, or 9 (or 14 LOL)... on the second round, I miscalculated the position I was in, advancing the film knob in such a way that the shots were not aligned with each other anymore, magnifying even more de randomness of the effects. Some got perfect doubles... some got partial doubles... and some weren't double-exposed at all.
I've appreciated very much the "dreamy", almost painting like effect that I got combining these two techniques (redscale and double-expose), and I'm looking forward on doing more and new experiments in this direction.

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