La Sardina - Sick Sophie

Here is my dog Sophie...who is has been my constant companion and excellent model over the last ten years. She is wonderful...a total sweetheart...and right now she is in need of good positive energy. If you're reading this, please send her some good thoughts. She has had serious heart failure...and is on the mend...but is definitely moving slow...and I am keeping her right by my side. Her heart has swelled up and it keeps pinching off her breathing....and she has to fight for breath every once in a while. Each day she gets a little stronger...and I have faith that she will make it through and live for at least another five years or more. still kills me to see her struggle and in pain.


  1. kimo
    kimo ·

    Aw, sweet Sophie!

  2. pepper-b
    pepper-b ·

    Hope she gets better!! I would hug her right now!!

  3. littlelurcher
    littlelurcher ·

    She's so beautiful. Hope she's still doing ok. Sending healing hugs.

  4. ornella
    ornella ·

    She's so gorgeous. I hope she will get better. Send to her big hug and kiss. It's so sad when something like this happen to an animal.

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