Happy Accidents!

I don't know why the top area of all these pictures is dark. Light leaks? Maybe I used too less Caffenol, I have no idea. I really like the look of it though, reminds me of the found roll of Agfapan ISS film.

Also these are the first shots I shot with my brand new Holga 120 GN, I find it to be an excellent camera and I will surely use it a lot!


  1. untangleart
    untangleart ·

    I Think this picture gives a clue do you see the bubbles? I think one of the developers didn't make contact over the entire film (I think the first developer bath) wile developing. but I agree I haves a nice effect :)

  2. goomba
    goomba ·

    @Untangleart Yeah it probably was not enough developer or weak developer altough I have seen this kind of strange stuff with light leaks too (the picture is light leaked except a small part which appears really dark when scanned).

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