My babies!

My life in all of it's wide and tungsten glory! I managed to leave the film in the camera for about a week without rushing through it. However this roll seems to look more like Sensia or Astia...any idea why? I think it's my scanning, but I hope you all enjoy a look at my busy life!


  1. atria007
    atria007 · ure action sampler D

  2. qrro
    qrro ·

    hahahahah yeah me too!!! XD

  3. peewpeewbangwatcha
    peewpeewbangwatcha ·

    Your action sampler is awesome

  4. natalieerachel
  5. qrro
    qrro ·

    @natalieerachel hahahaha im gonna post it in the LomographyPeru profile on facebook XDi think its really cool, thnx for share

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