1. lonur
    lonur ·

    Was the house never lived in after him?

  2. cocaneonkamerasutra
    cocaneonkamerasutra ·

    well, it seems like lots of strangers were hanging around.. and most part of a furniture were stolen.. but it's not very safe place to live - it's some kind of an arbor and it's located on a top and in the same time within the mountain - actually it's closed for visitors because of the rockfall and to get there you'll have to walk through the real rudyard kipling's style jungle - through thousands of a weird butterflies and skyscraper long lianas on the very edge of a break - so usually visitors are not allowed, but we were very sly (:
    but lower - closer to the valley there are some buildings - some politics and rich people are still coming there to rest their heads on summer

  3. lonur
    lonur ·

    Wow! The visit was definitely well-worth it, even if you were a bit dodgy by trespassing, actually BECAUSE you were a bit dodgy trespassing. Great album; I love photos with a story behind them!

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