Petronas Twin Tower

Its firm and thrust the sky. Its present become a proud of Malaysia. This building called Petronas Twin Tower. Located in Kuala Lumpur Central. Its the highest building int he world, the title pass to Taipei 101 as the tallest building in the world in 2004. but as twin towers, its still the highest. in the world. Malaysia. The design of the building is combination of modern and Islamic architecture. Its US$ 1,6 billion to build it. Petronas tower deserved become one of the landmarks in the world. Unfortunately among the highlighted facts, there are outstanding facts that never been told, its the story of the peoples who build this establishment. Its took lives to build this magnanimous landmark. Malaysian government in cooperation with outsourcing and employment agencies mobilized 28.000 migrant workers from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan. Its recorded that not less than 15.000 workers are injured and death a long the process from 1993-1998. the workers only recieved 50-100 RM as food allowance monthly, far from the agreement that 800 RM per month. Promised that all migrant workers will had working permit, the gave their passport to the company, to take care the working permit, but until the end of the contract they never received their passport, working permit and rest of the salary as well. The government sent enforcement agencies to crackdown and deport the migrant workers, justified as undocumented workers