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I don't know what the hell the people at Rossman did to my film and the prints...Awful way too contrasty black and white Redscale, what the fuck? What a waste.. .__.


  1. suizidekid
    suizidekid ·

    cool !

  2. japsix
    japsix ·

    great one!

  3. aprilrich427
    aprilrich427 ·

    this is amazing!

  4. istra
    istra ·

    still looks great w higher contrast

  5. teofilomorim
    teofilomorim ·

    well i really like this contrast!

  6. af-capture
    af-capture ·


  7. elelostdog
    elelostdog ·


  8. 134340
    134340 ·

    nice double!!