Bowling for Deluxe

I'm not big on staff nights out. It's not that I don't like my colleagues, just that I dont expect work to provide me with a social life. Surely a social life should be the antithesis of work. But, when you mention bowling - You have my attention! Poor old Lubi couldn't quite suck up enough light, so they're all a little dark. Still, it looks drunk and rowdy, which it was.


Here's my first roll of self developed film, using dear old Lubi and good sturdy Ilford HP5+. I'm really happy with my results, despite the light flares, scratches and dust as well as a few creases. It was worth it. Seriously, a little study, and a dark room are all it takes. Oh and practice how to load the film on the spools. It took me an hour in the dark, struggling. I could have avoided both the panic attacks if i had just practiced that. Next time I'll solve all the other issues. and i quite like what happens when the film sticks together. Sweet effect, happy mistake.

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