1. darren
    darren ·

    sorry to bother you, may I ask u that do u use flash light to take this photo? actually, I am also a user of natura classica, and I also want to use natura with the same film you use here. so I want to ask your experience of the same match of natura and the film. can you kindly share some ideas of the match for me? I'll really appreciate it, thank you.

  2. blondielocks
    blondielocks ·

    Hey ! I used the lomography XR redscale film with the built in flash - most of the pictures indoor came out yellowish some of them orange , you can also use normal film and use the yellow flash filter for the diana flash and put that on the natura flash to get the same effect . Hope that helps ;)

  3. darren
    darren ·

    Dear friend, thanks a lot, and I really appreciate it. ^^