My sister had miscarriage on her third baby. While she was in the hospital undergoing tests before the operation, I felt I needed to cheer her children up before they left for their home in Laguna so as not to miss class in school. And taking photographs was what I thought could be one way of encouraging hope in the face of this family crisis. I asked Ayana to hold pages of comics one at a time. Without prompting her, she just caricatured the images making her face full of wacky expressions consistent with the image she's holding each time. She's a natural actress. I did some experimentation on these doubles with sprockets and street vignettes. When I saw the results I thought the sprocket holes were quite symbolic of the void in our hearts that needed filling up with hope that time. My sister recovered safely from the operation. Our lives moved on. I guess the holes got all filled up.

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    Great Album :-)

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