DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! Like you were sixteen!

In the Lomography store I've asked for one film with a kind of characteristics and the lady sold me one completely different, she had sold me a redscale. The results are completely different that I was expecting. Some photos are really dark, but another's are good =)


  1. etxenike
    etxenike ·

    What characteristics were you looking for? Hopefully we can understand you better than the lady from the store and recommend you a film closer than what you want. Also, the reason some photos are underexposed, is because the aperture setting symbols on the Diana F+ were made with 400 ASA film in mind, so if you shoot 100 ASA film, you'd have to change it two stops: shoot in the cloudy setting when it is sunny and... pretty much forget about taking pictures if it's not sunny, unless you use bulb mode.

  2. joao-lomo-leao
    joao-lomo-leao ·

    (Thanks very much for the likes!) The lady from the store get the wrong film so I thought I was using a 100 ASA film, very different from this one, so the results was different then what I was exepecting. It was a LOMO SURPRISE! It happens =D

    Thanks for the help anyway!

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