What I will miss the most without water

Water is freedom. Water is fun. Water is waves. Water is me and you. Water is life.
Without water you could not love and feel. Without water you could never dance and learn. Losing water is like leaving behind your most prized possession, being abandoned by the person you love or living by yourself in an endless desert.
Without water you would feed on ashes and dirt; you would never shed tears of sadness or joy. You would never enjoy a glass of wine, nor will you taste fresh fruits. You could never admire the green Irish landscapes, the North Pole icebergs, USA’s great waterfalls, the rich Amazonian wildlife or the African savannas. You would forever feel dirty and hot. Your skin would be red as fire, hot as the sun and thick as leather. You would feel nothing except pain and experience only continuous degradation.
Water! I will mostly miss the thrill of being alive, the force of your waves and the light touch of you infinite drops of rain! I will miss my beloved ones laughs and smiles, the feel of blood pumping through my veins and the beauty of nature. I will miss your rugged sculptures carving deep within the cliffs and the marvelous sound of a mountain river.


  1. adash
    adash ·

    Holly F! I did not know that such a place existed in Bulgaria!

  2. aleksa82
    aleksa82 ·

    There are many other

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