By the Wey #4

From a series of shots taken along the River Wey, in Surrey, UK.

This was a really fun outing, as I was shooting alternately with the slow, cumbersome, unpredictable yet fascinating Lomo Lubitel 166B medium-format camera alongside my c.1997-purchased Nikon F50 35mm SLR with zoom lenses, built-in lightmeter and all the bells and whistles (but in fully manual mode, natch). The contrast between these two cameras is staggering, but they're equally fun to shoot with, and both yielded satisfactory results on this occasion (despite some hassles with a sticky shutter release and inaccurate close-range focusing on the Lomo).

You could argue, of course (and I would agree), that the Nikon is not particularly 'lomo', but it's 100% analogue, so I don't feel too bad about including these shots on this site - I know you're a very forgiving community! ;-)

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