My first Olympus Trip Roll

Taken in Norfolk with expired film on the beach and around a lovely little village.

Some are a little blurry but overall I'm really happy with the result I think

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  1. trip35snapper
    trip35snapper ·

    Hi the Olympus Trip 35 is a cracking little camera, but has it's limitations. The Trip has only 2 shutter speeds which are, 1/40th and 1/200th. In low light with slow film the camera will select the 1/40th shutter speed. At this speed camera shake is a problem and you need to hold the camera very still and firm. A better option is to use 400asa film in the camera which will keep the camera shooting at 1/200th for longer, at this speed camera shake is avoided. If you are not sure on the focusing of the camera, you can download the manual for it as a pdf online. This will tell you the focusing range for each setting. Have fun with the Trip, I hope this helps you.

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