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  1. etta
    etta ·

    If you talking about dream with me, I will thinking of the story about dream and butterfly, which is written from an ancient Chinese Philosopher, Zhuangzi.
    Therefore I took the picture of a butterfly in dreamy colour, and I would like to tell more about the story which linked dream and butterfly together.

    Once upon a time Zhuangzi dreamed that he was a butterfly. He thought he was indeed a butterfly, and he totally forgot that he had been so-called Zhuangzi. Later, when he woke up, he found himself returned to Zhuangzi again. Than he felt puzzle, " Who is a real me ? Am I the man, Zhuangzi , who dreamed of becoming a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming become a man who named Zhuangzi?"

    This story is question about the reality and the fantasy, the similar theory was found in the Western Philosopher, Rene Descartes’s treatise “Meditations on First Philosophy”

    To me, dream is the reflexion of reality or sometimes is the projection of yourself. I have so much dream when I sleeping, sometimes was nightmare, sometimes was very sweet, dream is one of the sources of my creative work.

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