No Hippies

I did a roll of this entirely by accident. I mean, entirely. I have been ill, and I guess I loaded my Holga in a complete fog because the packages of what I intended to load (Plus-X 125) and what I did load (Lomography CN 400) look nothing alike.

Just for information purposes, Caffenol C-M is balanced for medium-speed black and white films and a higher-speed color film should be expected to look like crap, so this was a fine surprise.

For you development geeks, this is how I did it: Caffenol C-M (recipe easily found on the internet). The mixture was a week old, so I topped it off before development with one teaspoon each of soda and vitamin c and two teaspoons of coffee. 17 minutes development time, with constant agitation the first minute and three agitations (more or less — I did my best) every minute thereafter. Rise, fix, rinse, wash and dry as normal.

I didn't notice it was a color film until I was scanning the last frame of the roll. I was thinking, "Dang, this expired Plus-X looks really good this time around! I must be getting the hang of this!"

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