20 and 24 July 2011
Horror vacui or cenophobia in visual art is the fear of empty space. It is filling the entire surface of an artwork with detail. I learned from an artist friend who teaches Philippine Studies that this is one of the common characteristics of Filipino designs - like how most Filipinos tend to fill up the walls with pictures and diplomas of the members of the family, calendars, religious images, movie posters or even photos of their idol celebrities. I guess many of my lomographs display this quality that speak much of my being a Filipino - a proud Filipino. In sync with this theme of horror vacui I took portraits of my friends playing with tarp bags while we were in Bohol for the health caravan project. Doubled my shots with prophecy posters and an assortment of items at home. Please have a closer look and search for my friends in this cacophony of colors, textures and images. Don't be afraid of horror vacui. It won't kill you.

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