20 and 23 July 2011
One day Sammy (sami-san) asked me through text message when would we have our lomo doubles? I replied by suggesting each of us shoot a roll of film and then exchange for doubles. Then days after she specifically requested me to shoot my roll as a background for the portraits she intended to shoot in an event in their family's cafe in Baguio City. I shot underexposed textures and colors and sent her the film via LBC. When I came home after my work in Bohol, I received her roll with a note stating her shots were portraits of her friends who were in maid/butler cosplay (ie., wearing costumes). I doubled the shots with layer of street vignettes as I travelled from our barangay (vllage) to the heart of Manila. This set is the first volume of our collaboration. Will look forward to the second roll once processed.