1. isilyellowcopets
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    Dream is something that makes us wake up in the morning for another day, another shot at getting what we wanted. A dream is what makes us human.
    If i put my feet down and touch the water, will someone, somewhere, putting their feet to the water too, feel it? Because thousands of miles from here lies lands I wanna discover, experiences waiting to be had, and different people I wanna smile and say "hello" to.

  2. laurasulilly
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  3. rik041
    rik041 ·

    like a dream

  4. isilyellowcopets
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    thank you all! :)

  5. filby
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  6. isilyellowcopets
    isilyellowcopets ·

    thank you :)

  7. larrymcdowell
    larrymcdowell ·

    very good colour! i like so much this pic!!!

  8. isilyellowcopets
    isilyellowcopets ·

    thank you very much :)

  9. akasha
    akasha ·

    wow... I wish I´d be there, too. Seems like a really nice place (and Model of course)

  10. fram
    fram ·

    very nice

  11. isilyellowcopets
    isilyellowcopets ·

    @akasha well, if you want to go there, the island called tidung, its in jakarta, indonesia. sorry for the super late reply haha
    @fram thank youuu!