1. sainahbenz
    sainahbenz ·

    recently bought a DianaF+ but now i'm having second thoughts if i should buy a Holga instead. the colors they get from the camera is amazing...nice colors and grain.

  2. diegoosullivan
    diegoosullivan ·

    @sainahbenz I Recommend u to use with Holga ,fuji Slide or Lomo/x-pro slide in 400 asa , the booth with crossprocess , the result are absolutly stunning! very saturated! i think u can have a very similar result with Your Diana (i love this camera<3) but yeah maybe the focus it could be different and the light in the photos too, make experiments , diana it's a very versatile camera

  3. sainahbenz
    sainahbenz ·

    no idea about the crossprocess part but i'll look it up online. the X-pro slide yeah i think we have it here in the philippines :) will try it.

  4. diegoosullivan
    diegoosullivan ·

    the only thing u need to do for a cross process it's quite easy, go and buy an slide film in any photography shop , take photos, an then it's the most important part, go to lab and You will have to him to say that you want the developing of the slides like developing of normal color negative ( c-41) and this is the secret of cross process ,The slide is processesing like a negative color film! GOOD LUCK @sainahbenz

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