1. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    ok i was just in chicago and i saw this lamp for sale at the belmont army navy, on the weird top floor vintage shop, and i was like, i recognize this from someplace, too bad i forgot you are in chicago we could have done a film swap without dealing with the mail

  2. thesarahshow
    thesarahshow ·

    Crazy! I have to wonder if it is LITERALLY this lamp...this was the treasure of my best friend Jack who lived in Boystown, and he just packed up to move to NYC. I'll have to ask him what he did with it. But no worries....while I used to live in Chicago and am there a LOT, I'm actually gypsy status at the moment (soon to be in LA, sort of drifting at the moment). Oddly enough I'll be closer to your neck of the woods for the next 6 weeks...doing a writer's retreat in Aiken, South Carolina (Assuming there IS a South Carolina after this hurricane).

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