Before Lia left for the airport that morning, we decided to do a quick tour of nearby Balay Negrense. It was just a 5-minute tricycle ride from the pension house where we stayed overnight. Good thing the house which for many years now has turned into a historic museum was already open for visitors that time. The ancestral house which was acquired by the Negros Cultural Foundation originally belonged to the Gaston family whose wealth traces back to the sugar cultivation started by the first Gaston who originated from Normandy, France. The house built in 1897 is now a museum showcasing the typical lifestyle of the late 19th century sugar barons of Negros. Many of the pieces found inside the house are donations from wealthy individuals who share the passion of giving opportunities to young generations of Filipinos to have a glimpse of the kind of life Filipinos had at that turn-of-the-century.

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