Before my friend Lia's morning flight to Manila (she took an early flight to be home in time for her dad's birthday party), we decided to visit the Balay Negrense to maximize the time available for her to do some sightseeing in Silay. The rest of team had our flight set in the evening which gave us ample time to tour some interesting sights in Talisay and Bacolod. The famous ancestral home was just a 5-minute ride via tricycle from the pension house where we stayed (actually we could just walked our way but because of time constraints for Lia, we took the public transpo). Took these shots as we all explored the various rooms in the restored mansion. I have been here some ten years ago when I used to fly to Bacolod quite often to work with partner organizations and communities on children's rights. Good to be back and this time to document my trip in lomo.

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