Do you like violets ?

"Do you like violets"?
"Eh bien", whorling I sighed,
The trillium waltz..

"In modern times, a story has grown up around Napoleon Bonaparte and the violet. While in exile on the island of Elba, he supposedly confided to his friends that he would return to France with the appearance of the violets in the spring. (Such flowers may have had a special significance for the deposed Emperor, since he had once used them as an amorous emblem of his love for Josephine.) His partisans rallied around the symbol of his triumphant return and secretly referred to him as Corporal violet. To determine a loyal supporter, the question was asked of a stranger: --Do you like violets? If the reply to the query was Yes (Oui) or No (Non), it revealed one who did not know of the plot. If the answer was --'Eh bien'--, the loyalty of the person to the case was affirmed."..

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Do you like Violets ?
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