Doubles With Novakmisi

Philippines + Serbia.

It started as a joke. I was reading novakmisi’s blog entry about his vast archive of expired films in his shelf and got extremely amazed at his collection, so I jokingly replied and asked if he could donate some. After a few days, I was stunned to get a message from him, saying that he’s willing to give away a few rolls.

Woah, what a pleasant surprise! I love expired films, they are treasures!

The film he sent for our doubles is an expired roll of Ferrania Solaris 100 FG plus. It’s the first time I got hold of this film and I had no idea what results it can render. Novak used his L-CA for the first layer. I re-loaded the film in my Diana Mini with Colorplash Flash.

I was really happy with the results! It’s an expired negative film, yet it can still produce some sharp, contrasty shots! Grain and sharpness are surprisingly good too. I particularly like how the rural landscapes in his hometown in Subotica, Serbia are set against the urban spaces of Manila.

There's a certain feel or warmth to the film which I find appealing. Hope you like the album!

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