First try to make a panoramic collage of a room

Leo is coming in two months and I'm rebuilding my studio. The Flapatos Room (as we call it) will soon dissapear as it looks now and I want a souvenir as it is now, with my old computer, our colourful table and the picture of Lichteinstein. So in order to keep these years in mind (some many things happened) I've taking pictures of all the room. This is my first try to create a panoramic college of pictures. It's not as I wanted to but this is it. I'll keep trying

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  1. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    oh.... una nueva linda etapa comienza! Y de pronto Leo dirá: "¡PAPÁ, QUIERO UN ORDENADOR!" (llámalo súper-ipad del futuro, mega-super-ultra-macbook-hiper-pro o lo que sea) y el cuarto volverá a parecerse a este collage!

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