The creative team decided to spend a few hours at the beach that morning after breakfast. The sun was up and the sea was calm. We saw groups of fisherfolks (young and old, men and women) in different areas in a line, trying to pull the huge net to the shore to harvest their catch of the day. One line was holding one end while the other group with the other end of the net. The two lines were separated by around 150-yard distance along the shore. A wooden belt-like tool tied to the net with a clip-on mechanism was put around the waist of each person. To pull the net off the sea, they had to use their force to step back following the same rhythm. Once a considerable portion of the net was pulled to shore, the person at the back transferred to the front, so on and so forth. The whole process done on both ends took two hours with their rhythmic steps resembling a dance. It was a beautiful ritual and definitely an inspiring sight to see the whole community working together, helping each other to earn their food and money for the day. Some of the women were patiently waiting on the shore so they could soon sell the fresh catch to the village or to the nearest market.23M11

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