Spain vs Japan: film swap with zezefan (www.lomography.com/homes/zezefan). I have always loved all things Japanese. I think Japanese culture is one of the most sophisticated and charming in the whole world, and I've always admired the way of facing life of its people. Zen and its influence on arts and thought has been a major inspiration for years. The terrible news about the quake, the tsunami and that awful accident in Fukushima's plant were very sad and I wanted to do something to show Japan how much we care and think of them and, at the same time, to give them some kind of support and comfort. When zezefan asked me to share a roll of film, I didn't hesitate. These are the results of the roll I shot. Please, feel free to leave some words to show your support for Japan. Let's wish them lots of SHIAWASE for the future!!!

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