This was an experiment. I wanted to shoot a model who herself was a photographer and I am glad I did. She approached it with the eye of a photographer and that made ever series we shot different and special which is a damn good thing because it will probably be a while till we get to shoot again.

This was a multiple exposure series. First, Meg shot the Scorpion Gulch ruins and then I shot Meg in the studio. I want to do this lots more.

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  1. luobodingr
    luobodingr ·

    This might be my fav from this album, this plus 10 and 11/12. I like to have to work hard to see both images and this one delivers that by having the wall completely dominate the figure but still delivering the 'ah-ha' moment when the eye and the brain come to some level of agreement on what has been laid before them.

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