This is a doubles with myself. First layer is a full moon taken with a 500mm objective, a second layer is a farm house taken with a polar filter in a sunny day.


  1. novakmisi
    novakmisi ·

    thnx for the likes !!! : ))

  2. freckleface
    freckleface ·

    wow how did you do this? how long was your exposure?

  3. marshrutniy
    marshrutniy ·

    its incredible!

  4. mariaratfingers
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  5. pim_g
    pim_g ·

    That is amazing! Seriously impressive!

  6. yapfl
    yapfl ·

    is this the supermoon?

  7. mloo
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  8. specialblewah
    specialblewah ·

    woow!! FullMoonBlues!!