Sponge Dock Love

As a gift for two engaged friends of mine I decided to take a few photos for the pair at the famus Tarpon Springs sponge docks. The setting was perfect for my friend who is a fisherman by hobby and perfect for anyone who enjoys being by the water and Greek food - of course. For the first batch I used Lomo x-pro film debating hard as to whether I should process e-6 or c-41 once completing the roll. After a not so grand attempt of x-pro with a previous roll I told myself to process e-6 and then went back to the cheaper methos of x-pro. While I was able to save these photos a bit in the home scanning process they are still too overexposed and I shot these late afternoon. Next time I will stick with my gut and process e-6. I cannot trust this film to x-pro -- unless I shoot my subjects with less light and up close.

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