Hey hey! This is my entry to LomoMission 69: Back to the Future! rumble )
The upper photo belongs to my dear friend Lyosha. He send it to me some time ago and we discovered that he has the shirt now, that looks exactly the same as the one that he wears on this old photo. People never change, hahah)
So when I saw this rumble, I already knew who I was going to shoot for it (should i use the word "shoot"? sounds so violent! well, excuse my bad english)). The only problem is that we live too far from each other (you can use googlemaps or something to figure out where is Blagoveschensk (my hometown) and where is Ekaterinburg (his hometown) ) But we still have the internet, so I decided to take photos while we talk on Skype! Kind of silly maybe, but I dont think I had any choice. You can see the result here. Not sure if it is ok to count all this photos as 1, but they are all merged togeter on film, because I tried this technique --> www.lomography.com/magazine/tipster/2011/02/17/hol-mehr-aus… for the first time and kind of failed it.

the bigger version of the 2nd one is here www.lomography.com/homes/yawny/albums/1693111-lyosha/photos…


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    so cool

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    thank you soo much ^^