Ferris Wheel

This ferris wheel has newly been decided to be sold and shipped away. When built a few years ago it was proclaimed the tallest in "Northern Europe". This is very typical Sweden. Inventing new categories and labels just to be able to say the "tallest one". No one knows what "Northern Europe" means in this context. It is clear that UK is not included since the London Eye many times taller. It probably doesn´t include Germany either, because I would be surprised if there is not a taller one there. To be honest when looking at it, I even thin the ferris wheel at Tivoli in Copenhagen is taller, and that is 25 minutes away with train. There is definitely something amusing in how this country strive to be bigger, taller and better than it is. If you can´t beat them, just change the rules or the label. And who said size matters anyways.

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