Broken Camera- Busted Payphone!

I used a broken Suntone camera to create a photo of a broken payphone! The broken Suntone would put grooves and scratches into the film. The film I had used was expired 6 years old.

Many photo shops would refuse my film. Three different photo development stores rejected my film and refused to do any work. I went into another store (#4) and the owner saw my film and became very angry and tried to punch me in the head. Her husband grabbed her hand before the fist could strike. The two people then got into an argument about wether or not to accept my film. Eventually, the owner said in a very evil voice, that she would be happy to help, if i just hand over my film. I got scared and ran out of the store. As I was getting away, I noticed the frowning owner was staring at me from the doorway. I went to a large pharmacy(#5) to bring in my film. The director of the pharmacy gladly accepted my film, even though he did not peek to see what condition it was. Eventually, the pharmacy discovered that the machine would not function using my expired/damaged film. The pharmacy felt challenged with developing my film, my film was sent to corporate headquarters many kilometers away.

One month later, I finally got my film. The people at the pharmacy were angry as they discovered that I was the owner of the expired film that got sent away. I was being frowned at by the employees. The cashier slammed down my photos and treated me with cruelty. I did not care because I was happy to get the photos! However, I looked inside then I discovered that my negatives were missing. The people at the pharmacy planned to destroy my negatives in revenge!. After a long argument for 45 minutes, I was able to rescue my negatives from destruction to escape the store.

keypad numbers phone
suntone mm2250
United States


  1. glenn
    glenn ·

    ¡uoıʇɐɔıunɯɯoɔ ʎƃɹəuə

  2. lu_lu
    lu_lu ·

    People are just rubbish x

  3. kamilou
    kamilou ·

    In France, we have a say for that: "à vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire", which means (I think): "conquering without risk is triumphing without glory". I hope you enjoy your roll! :D thanks for the likes!

  4. madmou
    madmou ·

    Thanks for sharing the story... I have yet to use an expired film, dont know where to get one from..

  5. pangmark
    pangmark ·

    intriguing story. Here in Thailand they process everything. When the machine breaks they don't blame you, they just don't get it fixed. Now I have to travel 4 hours to get 120 film scanned. Expired film is hard to come by (they only carry 4 rolls at a time) and thanks to the big Lomo following they charge the same and even in some cases more for it!

  6. sadiestoker
    sadiestoker ·

    cool !

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